Police insignia from CHICAGO




Nice CPD ring
Still Need one of these

Still Need this ring

This ring was made available in 1967
Still Need this ring

old button for Confederation of Police

3 Display Cases
These cases are 18 x 24 inches, mounted on small easels

Some of you have asked me - what do you do with this stuff - so above is a picture of 3 of my display cases.  These are made of wood and glass (not plexiglass), measure 18 x 24 inches, and lock at the bottom in 3 places.  These cases allow me to properly display the patches, on a white felt background.  The cases have room for me to insert typed explanations of the items in case the meaning or significance is not readily apparent. 


At police insignia shows, I can stand the cases upright by using the small easels.  


Below are 2 photos of part of my display at the Phoenix, Arizona police insignia show from 2006. 


Below that is one pic from the 2011 show in Ontario, California where I had 3 tables that were each 8 feet long.


Above and below - Phoenix, AZ 2006 police insignia show



Rank Insignia - pictured below

*Superintendent of Police - Four Silver Five-Pointed Stars
*Assistant Superintendent - Administration and Assistant Superintendent - Law Enforcement Operations --  Three Silver Five-Pointed Stars (formerly, 3-stars were worn only by the First Deputy Superintendent)
*Deputy Superintendent - Two Silver Five-Pointed Stars
*Chief - One Silver Five-Pointed Star
*Assistant Deputy Superintendent - Silver Spread Eagle for the Bureau of Operational Services; Gold Spread Eagle for the other ADSs and for the Executive Assistant to the Superintendent
*Deputy Chief - Silver Oak Leaf
*Commander, Coordinator, Director, Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent & Administrator of Personnel Services - Gold Oak Leaf
*Captain - Two Silver Bars
*Lieutenant - One Silver Bar
*Sergeant - Three Chevrons
*Police Officer, Field Training Officer - FTO cloth patch, similar to the sergeants' chevrons [pictued way above]
*Police Officer
Officers are also assigned as Detective, Police Technician, Patrol Specialist, Investigator, Gang Crime Specialist, Police Agent, Traffic Specialist, with no (known) special rank insignia as far as cloth patches or military style logo.  Detectives have their own distinctive stars and some of the other positions may have had their own distinctive stars in times past - please let me know.
Can someone tell me whether the rank of Inspector still exists?  If so, does this rank still wear the uniform insignia of a Lieutenant as in times past?
Several years ago, the Superintendent designated a 2 star chief spot for the Chief of Patrol, because the Chief of Patrol was in charge of so many people.  Effective late 2005, the Chief of Patrol position was phased out; then it became a Deputy Superintendent position.  This took the CPD from four Chief spots (Chief of Patrol, Chief of Staff, Chief of Detectives, and Chief of Organized Crime) down to only three.
Note that in 1971, all of the deputy superintendents wore 3 stars; the chiefs wore a silver spread eagle; the assistant deputy superintendents and deputy chiefs wore the silver oak leaf; commanders, directors and coordinators wore the gold oak leaf; and inspectors wore the single silver bar along with lieutenants.

Pictures of the rank insignia are below and are taken from ChicagoCop.com, an unofficial resource site which has details on award ribbons, rank insignia, etc.  Pictures of the rank insignia courtesy of Chicago Cop.com; used here by permission.  A direct link to that site is above the pictures of some of the awards medals.











Old light
Can anyone say when this blue light was used? I still need this

The CPD started to use the above blue round top single light after O.W. Wilson became bossman in 1960.  Before that, based on photos I've seen, CPD used a similar round top light, but it was red.


The tall "Gum Ball" blue light with the chrome base was used all through the 1960s and was still common on the '73,'74 & '75 Chevrolet Caprice squad cars.  I've seen photos showing the single flat top light started around 1972.

The CPD used
blue lights from Mars and Federal Sign and Signal and experimented with some from Tripp (Mars successor company), but they were not common.   The twin Mars lights came into service around 1975/1976/1977 and were initially only assigned to the Traffic Division.


I would love to have any of these lights or any lightbar in my collection.


I thought you would like to see it on
Still need this

Old light bar
Can anyone say when this was used? I still need this

Old Mars light
I still need one of these lights

Another Mars light turned on
Still need this

Old & New lights together
Still need these

At the top of the first page of my site, you saw a picture of two old, 10 inch wide, reflective stickers.  These went on the back of those old three wheelers.  If you know why some stickers were red and some were blue, please let me know.  
At the top of page 2 of this site is a picture of the larger car door sticker.  It's 17 1/2 inches wide and is the older car door sticker.  The gold and blue version was used from 1960 to 1968.  The white and blue one was used from 1968 to 1975.  After that came the large red letters on the sides of the cars, spelling out CHICAGO POLICE.
There is a giant size 5 point star sticker used on the Command vehicles - I still need this one and am unsure just how large it is.  My wife would be thrilled if I got one of these, because I would have it framed and hang it in my living room - keep in mind I live in Arizona.
I have the old TRAFFIC patch that has the green cross of safety pictured way above, for patrolman rank; still need the supervisor's patch of this one - with the yellow border.
I heard of a Range patch which I need, if this exisits.  There are several other needed ethnic pride patches I don't have pictured including one for Germany.  I need a green camouflage flag patch to match the 8-sided patch pictured in green camo color schemes.
I also need lots of the old style patches, all ranks, and center inserts.  I'm trying to get enough to display all of the district numbers and specialty sections in all ranks, with cloth, leather and felt backgrounds.  So even old patches with no center inserts on them are welcomed additions.
I have only three inserts that each have 3 letters.  Are there more of these with 3 letters?
I would love to have anything that explains what all of the "lettered" center inserts mean.  I am still unsure of the meaning of a few of mine, and also don't know just how many different ones there were.
I would love to have one of those old blue Mars lights, to draw attention to my items when I display this stuff at local police insignia shows (and it would drive my wife nuts).  Again, note that I don't sell stuff-- I'm not a dealer.  I just collect this stuff.
Some of the patches, shields and other items that are pictured on this site are not mine.  I obviously need those patches and other items, and I indicated that "I still need the above" whenever it applied.
I'm looking for the old Pistol Team patch that went on baseball hats, which was pie piece shaped.  
I have the star style patch for the rank of Police Officer, using the 2003 star style.  I need the star style patches for the other new stars - detective, sergeant, lieutenant and captain. 
If someone has a copy of old regulations, general orders or something else that explains the meaning of the center inserts with letters on them, that would be great.
ALSO LOOKING FOR old issues of the Chicago Police Star magazine, Chicago Police Newletters, CPA reports and CPD Annual Reports.  These sometimes have articles or pictures in them which help to date some of the patches or to identify some of the center inserts.  I would pay your shipping costs. 
The CPD now has baseball hats for all of the departmental ranks.  These came out around 2004 and have the checkerboard squares.  I have several hats, but need a few more for some of the higher ranks.
I still need the baton with gold tassels used by the Honor Guard and the new Peer Support patch/armband.  I also need the Superintendent's baton and a presentation baton.
Thanks for looking at my site.  Hope you enjoyed looking at these things.  I appreciate any corrections or additions to the information I have here regarding some of the items.  Many guys have already corrected me on several things, and that's just what I want.  I display this stuff with respect for the CPD and want to be accurate in my information.  I like sharing my collection with people which is why I created this web site in July 2005.  
It's obvious that I'm not a professional photographer, so thanks for bearing with me on some of the photos. 
I'm always looking to expand my collection, so if you have something I need, I would be happy to trade for it or buy it.  I have lots of patch traders.
I'm also a graduate of Lane Tech High School, and collect things from Lane.  If you have any trinkets from Lane, or you have a sweater, jacket, patch, lapel pin, button, etc. from Lane and want to sell it, let me know.
After a vacation in Canada, I also collect items from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police - RCMP - another great law enforcement agency.  I have a direct link to my RCMP insignia web site that you can just click on, below.
You can contact me by scrolling all the way back up to the top of this page, and clicking on "Contact Me."  This gives you my mail and e-mail addresses, and my phone number.  The e-mail address is a direct link.
As I obtain more items, I will add them to my site.  Thanks again and take it easy- you've now reached the end of my web site.  SCROLL BACK UP TO CONTACT ME.


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